Tips for Buying and Cooking Eggs

Tip 1:

You can tell whether or not an egg is boiled by spinning it. If it spins easily, consider it to be cooked, it is still raw if it doesn’t spin easily.


Tip 2:

Also, try adding just a teaspoon of lemon juice while boiling eggs – a fuss-free way to peel the shell.


Tip 3:

Want fluffy, feather-light, melt-in-your-mouth eggs scramble? Whisk it well with a tad bit of milk.


Tip 4:

To check if an egg is spoilt, put it in a bowl of cold water. If it lays flat at the bottom, it’s perfectly fresh. If it rises from one end but still touches the bottom from another, it isn’t so fresh but can still be consumed. A spoilt one will rise and float at the top.






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