List of low calorie sweets for you this Diwali

Indian sweets or Indian desserts are thought to be high in calories and are overly sweet to taste. Bite into an Indian sweet and it can create a spike in your blood glucose levels or results in unhealthy weight gain. But that’s not true, there are several Indian sweets or desserts that are low in calorie.

Especially, sweets that are based on dry fruits are naturally sweet and a little bit of jaggery makes them sweet enough and you can just gorge on them as much as you want in a guilt-free way and celebrate Diwali like never before. Here are a few of them. Check out the list and stay tuned for some low calorie sweet recipes coming soon.

Date Rolls :

Mystic Oasis Date Rolls.jpg

Date rolls are basically made of date pulp and a little bit of coconut. Diabetic patients also can have this.

Amount – 1 pirce

Calorie – 80

Anjeer Barfi:

Mystic Oasis Anjeer Barfi.png

Anjeer barfis have also simple ingredients. They are made of figs, a little bit of jaggery (optional) and chopped dry fruits. Figs are good for diabetics too.

Amount – 1 piece

Calorie – 100

Dry Fruits barfi:

Mystic Oasis Dry Fruits Barfi.jpg

Chopped dates, figs, cashews, raisins, almonds, desiccated coconut and the coarsely powdered cardamom powder are the main ingredients for this desert.

Amount – 1 piece

Calorie – 81

Sesame Laddoo:

Mystic Oasis Sesame Ladoo.jpg

The only ingredients here are sesame and jaggery.

Amount – 1 piece

Calorie – 104

Oats Laddoo:

Mystic Oasis Oats Ladoo.jpg

Main ingredients are oats and jaggery again. Simple, delicious and can’t get a healthier than this.

Amount – 1 piece

Calorie -120

Almond burfi:

Mystic Oasis Almond Barfi.jpg

Made out of almond and jaggery.

Amount – one piece

Calorie – 135

Rava Laddoos:

Mystic Oasis Rava Ladoo.jpg

Rava, jaggery, chopped cashews, raisins and cardamom powder makes these awesome laddoos.

Amount – 1 piece

Calorie – 80

Now lets take a look at some regular Diwali sweets that are your favourite yet contain low calories than most other sweets.

Kaju Katli:

Mystic Oasis Kaju Katli.jpg

Made out of cashew, sugar, cardamom powder, this desert is listed among the most popular ones.

Amount – One piece of kaju kathli

Calories –  57

Puran Poli:

Mystic Oasis Pural Poli.jpg

Every Marathi knows how to make this. Puran polis are made of Bengal gram, jaggery, cardamom powder and a dash of saffron.

Amount – one piece Puran Poli

Calorie – 80


Mystic Oasis Shreekhand.JPG

Made out of curd, cardamom powder, saffron.

Amount – 50gms of Shrikhand

Calorie – 130

Date Kheer:

Mystic Oasis Date Kheer.jpg

As easy as it sounds date kheer is made of date, milk and rice.

Amount – 100g

Calorie – 134


Mystic Oasis Karanji.jpg

Made out of Flour, khoya and dry fruits, this dish is mostly made at home only.

Amount – one piece of 45g

Calorie – 150

Ariselu (Arisa):

Mystic Oasis Arisa.jpg

Ariselu is a favourite in tamil nadu, Odisha and west Bengal. It is made of rice and jaggery.

Amount –one piece

Calorie – 103

I am going to post recipes of some of these deserts listed above in the coming days. If you want recipes of any particular ones, please request through comments.

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Stay tuned for interesting recipes and other posts.




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