17 cool ideas for a comfortable reading nook

Are you a book lover?

Did you always want to create that cozy hide away private corner?

A small space dedicated to your reading with all the needed quiet is an excellent way to get away from noise and relax. Sometime it becomes a necessity. It could be indoor, outdoor, balcony, terrace, a bit away from the house, anywhere.

Well, here are a few ideas.

Mystic Oasis book reading corner7.jpeg

A corner near the window with the warmth of early morning sun and a cup of freshly brewed coffee is a very good idea to start a day.


What about a bit of greenery inside – a feel of the outdoor, comfortable sitting, your favorite novel in your hand?


How about some nice light swinging rhythm as you get lost in comfort and reading?


Can’t get cozier than this, right?


Plants, warm sun, flowers, open sky, you and a book on the balcony!reading-a-book-in-balcony



Nothing like open terrace with an umbrella for shade.


What about a little bit of reading in between gardening on your terrace.


What about a cozy place in your yard with logs of flower and fragrance around?


A corner in your yard.


What about a hut a bit away from the house in your yard?


What about a portable, movable cabin with a shutter that you can place anywhere away from your house in the woods or next to a lake or any other of your favorite places?


And this is my favorite – under a tree, surrounded by nature, a footrest to prop up your feet and a side table.


A cabin under a tree.


Under the shade.

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